What’s in Store for 2024 – Faust PR’s Predictions

In the everchanging landscape of public relations and social media, the Faust team are constantly keeping an eye on new trends, technologies and tools, to keep activity for our clients fresh and up-to-date. As we wrap up the first month of the new year, we have pulled together our top three predictions on what’s in store for 2024, helping you to elevate your PR campaigns and strategies. So, without further ado:

1. Sustainability and Social Responsibility

More and more, we’re seeing that consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact – be it through what their purchasing, or the companies they’re engaging with. Prioritising sustainability and social responsibility is something that we think will be key for 2024 – from being transparent when it comes to eco-friendly practices and community engagement, to highlighting the most sustainable and renewable home features that a property might have to offer. Demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact will be a big hit with consumers this year, so whether you can shout about solar panelled homes with renewable energy sources on social media, or even pitch luxury Tesla-powered homes to journalists, we’d suggest tapping into the eco-conscious consumer where possible.

2. The Rise of AI

Everybody’s talking about it, so it’s no surprise that we expect AI to be on the rise across the PR industry this year! Artificial Intelligence is a software that can tailor your content to your audience and so much more, and is something that can absolutely be drawn upon for inspiration. We’ve spotted this tool popping up more and more, with hundreds of platforms jumping on the bandwagon – most recently, it’s being used to optimise social media, from Meta giving channels the opportunity to post content with multiple images through A/B testing and LinkedIn intelligently generating relevant hashtags, to websites such as Eventbrite offering an AI option to enhance written copy, and scheduling platforms like Buffer allowing users to experiment with the optimal time to share an Instagram post. AI is a function that can be used to maximise engagement. Whilst we won’t be relying on AI too heavily (and certainly won’t be using this to write any copy!), we will be experimenting with the software to see how it can benefit us and maximise engagement for our clients.

3. Authenticity and Live Content

Authenticity is becoming front and centre for brands, particularly on social media. Whilst Instagram grids have always traditionally been a ‘shop window’ for aspirational, aesthetic content, in 2024 we’re expecting to see more of a shift towards authentic, unpolished and organic posts. Two-way conversations are something that many consumers look for before purchasing now, and this can be done through authentic content that followers can trust – from ‘behind the scenes’ content, which in our case is often construction focused posts, as well as engaging tips and Q&As with real members of the sales team. Alongside this, an increase in real time engagement on social platforms we expect will increase traction – stepping away from curated content, and closer towards the everyday.

We’re sure there’s plenty set to happen in 2024 that will be front and centre in the PR industry, and as a team we are continually keeping up to date with the latest tips and trends to really maximise our content. If you’d like to discuss how you can optimise your PR or social media strategy for 2024, get in touch with the Faust team!