Life as an Intern: My Time at Faust PR

As my internship at Faust is sadly coming to a close, I thought I would reflect on my time with the team and share what I’ve learned from my three months here.

Early Starts

By far the most pleasant revelation, getting up early is not that bad! I was dreading the early starts having been at university for the last three years where I thought an early morning was 10am – but once you get up and moving it’s actually very refreshing knowing you have more time in the day to get more done.

Office vs Working from Home

Having worked from both the office and at home, I completely understand why everyone was itching to get back in the office during COVID. I’ve realised that being around everyone really increases my productivity. When I’m in the office it’s a lot easier to ask questions when I need help with something and the days go by a lot quicker when you’re around everyone and laughing while you work! In saying that, working from home is also nice as you miss the morning rush hour.

You learn something new everyday

Funnily enough, I’ve learned that you learn something new every day. One of the reasons I want to go into Public Relations is because it is very fast-paced and no two days are ever the same. It is safe to say this rings true at Faust - I find myself doing things I’ve never done before all the time, from researching East London cronut companies to writing press releases about luxury saunas, I am never bored. I have really enjoyed learning about everything that PR entails and finding out more about the property industry.

Being on the ball

I’ve learned a career in PR is more than just the 9-5 – everyday plans change and news comes to light that impacts strategies and approaches so it’s necessary to be on the ball 24/7 with current news, relevant events and solutions to problems. I remember when I first started I was surprised to see people updating the group chat with news about clients on Sunday’s, but now I’m always curious to see what’s being said when the group chat is dinging!

It’s a memory test

I’ve learned you have to have a really good memory. You have to remember relevant things in the news, so many journalists names and what they’ve said to you before, the teams schedules, the list goes on. This is something I’m trying to work on, but writing a lot of list helps to stay on top of things. Also, I’ve learned you have to have an extremely keen eye for detail – you can never proofread something enough.

All in all, I’ve learned a lot about PR and the property industry, and the team have made sure I’ve had fun while doing it. I’ll miss helping out on fun content for clients and going out and about with the team, and hopefully the next team I work with will be as much fun to work with. I have really enjoyed my time at Faust and I can’t wait to see what the team goes on to achieve in the future!