Homeware Brands Saving the Planet

these are the home décor brands doing their bit and looking good doing it

Now more than ever, conserving and respecting the environment is at the forefront of all aspects of our lives and here at Faust we all try to do what we can to make sure the planet is protected for years to come.

As specialists in property and interiors, we decided to investigate what home décor and furnishing brands are doing their bit and looking good doing it, so that we can continue to have beautiful homes that we are proud of.

So, we sat down with Faust’s fabulous new intern, Daisy, to find out what eco-friendly interior brands she’s been loving lately.


Recent studies have shown investing in our beds is not only important for our physical wellbeing, but our mental health too. Luckily, the world’s first carbon-neutral bed makers Hypnos have curated beautiful bed frames to keep our homes stylish and environmentally friendly.

If that wasn’t good enough, Hypnos have also developed mattresses that are made of 100% biodegradable materials, meaning when it’s time to replace them, they can be easily recycled so you can sleep peacefully knowing you and your home are being looked after with minimal cost to the environment.

Jennifer Manners London

Not only are Jennifer Manners’ hand-knotted rugs a beautiful way to tie any room together, they are also 100% sustainable as they are made out of repurposed polyethene components that would otherwise find their way into the sea or landfill. As a result, the rugs are highly durable and stain resistant, perfect for any family home with pets or little ones. Not compromising on quality, the craftsmen who hand-make Jennifer Manners’ rugs are ethically and sustainably sourced from countries such as Nepal and India, where rug making is a specialty.

Tom Raffield

Based in Cornwall, Tom Raffield creates unique, long-lasting, high-quality furniture and accessories. From start to finish, the brand prioritises the environment. Not only do they sustainably source their timber, but they also use low-energy production techniques such as air bending and air drying their wood whilst crafting their beautiful pieces. Finally, their packaging is plastic free, locally made and recyclable, showing that adding flair to your home does not necessarily mean taking away from the environment.