Working From Home with Faust

It feels strange thinking back to my last commute home in March, knowing that that the Faust team were about to start working from home. My initial thoughts instantly strayed to ‘how will I stay productive at home?!’ and of course, how much I’d miss the office environment with the chatty Faust crew.

Looking back now, I’m impressed with how smoothly the transition to working from home really was, and how I still now feel a part of the Faust office life, even whilst I’m still working from home. We’d already had a practise run of working from home before lockdown, so I felt much more comfortable getting on with work as usual. Helping us stay connected, I speak to the team every day on Teams calls, to chat through our to do lists, our daily highs, and to hear about everyone’s latest lockdown ventures, from real life Cluedo to virtual escape rooms. Although it’s been a tricky period to navigate, working from home soon started to feel normal, thanks to the never-ending enthusiasm and encouragement from my Faust colleagues. Once I got into the swing of things, my productivity increased and I had completely adapted to working remotely and learning to manage my time effectively.

Mastering working from home, I quickly found myself with some extra time on my hands once my work day had finished, having suddenly gained an extra three hours a day due to no longer commuting into the office. Living in a house of six throughout lockdown, I tried to keep myself busy as much as possible - besides working, I started running again, re-learnt some of my old piano pieces, and perfected my ‘Wok From Home’ Wagamama Katsu Curry. Deciding to truly maximise my new-found extra time, I became a proud (and slightly obsessed) puppy owner to Lenny, my now 5-month-old Cockapoo, and moved out of my parents’ home into my very own flat!

Looking back, I was definitely slightly anxious about continuing to learn about my role, the PR industry, and the world of property from home on my own, having only been at Faust for 8 months when lockdown started. Thankfully the Faust team have been the most supportive, sociable, encouraging and patient team, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all back in the office again soon!