Recycling Steals the Show at Barking Riverside

Over the summer, the Faust team were busy organising a visit from BBC’s The One Show to Barking Riverside. On a sunny July afternoon, The One Show crew filmed a technology segment on the development’s innovative underground waste system, Envac.

After much anticipation, the team tuned in to watch Matt Allwright tour Barking Riverside and learn more about Europe’s largest automated waste collection system.

Envac works to help make recycling a habit by offering an easy solution to separating plastics and general waste. Clearly labelled inlets lead to a network of underground pipes – once full, a reverse air flow pulls the waste to the main collection centre. It takes two hours to empty the waste streams, meaning the equivalent waste for 10,000 homes can be collected in just eight hours! Not only does it help foster the habit of the recycling, it also cuts pollution from bin lorries by 98%. Meaning a cleaner, healthier environment for Barking Riverside residents.

Sarah McCready, Head of Placemaking and Communications for Barking Riverside London, discussed how the introduction of Envac will help residents understand their waste habits by providing statistics on what we throw away and just how much of it can actually be recycled.

The episode of BBC’s The One Show, featuring Barking Riverside London, is available to view and download on the iPlayer until 12/03/2020.